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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Magic Magic Magic

You know those weird people that sit in the school hall with their earphones in, music blasting, and dance moves getting all too carried away while they have the silliest grin on their face like they don't have a single care in the world?????

Well. I'm one of them.

It's nice to meet you too!

I'm just sitting here writing this blog listening to some SWEET tunes while smiling super goofy. Occasionally my shoulders will twitch a little or my head will sneak in some back and forth bobbin. Looks more like I have turrets..... but really there is a super awesome dance party going on in my insides that only I am invited to. It's almost embarrassing because I'm around a lot of people.... but not quite :)

ah......... MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC!!!!

Wanna dance?