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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Magic Magic Magic

You know those weird people that sit in the school hall with their earphones in, music blasting, and dance moves getting all too carried away while they have the silliest grin on their face like they don't have a single care in the world?????

Well. I'm one of them.

It's nice to meet you too!

I'm just sitting here writing this blog listening to some SWEET tunes while smiling super goofy. Occasionally my shoulders will twitch a little or my head will sneak in some back and forth bobbin. Looks more like I have turrets..... but really there is a super awesome dance party going on in my insides that only I am invited to. It's almost embarrassing because I'm around a lot of people.... but not quite :)

ah......... MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC!!!!

Wanna dance?


Friday, September 24, 2010

I believe in Yesterday

So relaxing. I had but a moment after work to sit next to the Provo river and enjoy myself! What a blessing! As you all know, when I am reading is when I am truly in my comfort zone. I create a small bubble around my self and drift away. This reading spot of mine yesterday was so perfect..... ah words cannot describe. I just wanted to share a piece with you.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

All the small things

When were we ever this small!

I was out hunting today in my yard discovering all the small things there is to discover when I fell upon a few things that I'm ashamed to say I'd forgotten!!! I found my sisters and my handprints in the foundation of our itty bitty playhouse. They are so cute!

This is our tiller king. Every word of that sentence has sarcasm seeping out of the corners.... why the broom? I thought it a great comparison as to how well our tiller really works on fixing our lawn. :) All right.... I'm being unfair. This baby has successfully helped us in the workin's of a new lawn! She barely made it poor thing!

Sneak Previews of our Yard to Be!

She's gonna be a looker! But I'm not giving away too many clues yet ;)

Ah.... when we have grass.... life will be bliss.

Some say to not look at life through rose colored glasses.....

I think mine looks pretty SWEET!

My helper for the evening? Only Savannah. She was more of..... a spy than an ally in this project of mine. She's just mad that I didn't take her outside with me. She doesn't hold grudges for too long though! Thank goodness.

Ciao! (bark!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is it 3 a.m. already??? My night is almost over.

Have you ever felt like the day wasn't enough? You may have finished your chores and completed your "To Do List" of laundry, groceries, and finally making the brownies you've owed your next door neighbor BUT! you still feel as if you aren't done with your day. Today is one of those days.... well nights I guess... for me. I'm wondering why I feel this way because my morning consisted of watching the embarrassingly addictive Desperate Housewives (I had to restrain from a third episode leading into the just as addictice Grey's Anatomy.... don't you just love Dr. Shepard's hair!?!) and my afternoon and evening containing an eventful night of spongebob entertained babysitting and then enjoying a movie of my own in a night out with the girls. Fun... but not exactly what you'd call the most productive day of your life. Yet here I am settled in the kitchen with my half filled bowl of fresh out of the oven "freezer orange chicken." It's a college life delicacy. BUT LISTEN TO THIS.... I feel so refreshed. Tonight is my own. No cell phone, no people, no traffic, no brain power... It's just what I ordered. My book, my food, my bed. Life is certainly more than bliss. It's, well, whatever word you come up with that is more than bliss, is what it is. I think I might exercise this more often. Ya! It seems healthy enough. HAHA. But who can blame me! With all the crap going on in the world today you would be crazy not to set aside time to take a big heavy breather. It's a shame you have to foregoe sleep while you're at it. Usually people think of sleep as a substantial relaxing mechanism. Usually. Anyway, my advice to you all if it's not laid out enough, take some time for you. Relax. Read a book. Become SANE. I promise no one while judge you for that.


p.s. I have extra orange chicken for anyone who wants some. It's DELECTABLE!!! If I do say so myself ;)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

She hadda go baffroom

Potty breaks.

Today at work was very eye-opening. I have formulated a conclusion in this wee little brain of mine. The REAL definition of a potty break is: Running into a room with a locked closed door where you have privacy for at most ten minutes to do whatever you would like even if it isn't going potty and if you are in there longer people are going to check to make sure everything is coming out ok so you better make sure your only in there for your allotted time period.

The bathrooms at my work are great. With how many times the people at my job use them though, it should really be referred to as the break room. I mean THINK ABOUT IT! You have a chair just for your comfort, you can lock the door so that you have privacy, you have a mirror so you can stare at yourself, and a enough space to breath for a second and get away... How nice. Just pick up a book or start texting on your phone and PLOP ON THAT POT. The only side affects are a fan that's constantly running and making a whole bunch of noise and a huge red itchy ring around your butt that stings and stays there for a fifteen minute forever. Worth it? I should think so.

It's funny how much I notice while in my position at work. Everyone has to pass by me to get to the lou so that allows me to keep a running tally of how many times each person every day has to pee. There is one fellow employee that is in that bathroom probably half of the day!!!!! I wonder what he does in there.... sometimes he is in and out in 3 seconds flat, no kidding there. Other times I probably could've gone to a sit down restaurant and back before he supposedly finished his biddness. He's got talent.

ah.... It just puts the biggest grin on my face to hear the sound of that bathroom door shattering the silence and announcing to the world that someone has left there post to enjoy the rejuvenating peace from the potty. Who could ever imagine our world without those timely potty breaks. I'd have to say, my days would never be the same. Amen.


Friday, February 5, 2010

This post has no title..... I'm just going to start typing...... it's one of those days... Bear with my scrambled thoughts.

One of those days. What does that even mean? hmmmm.... that question deserves another few question marks. Um... ok here. ???? Feels better to get that off my chest.


It's been one of those days. I have felt every emotion under our beautiful blue sky. I'm not even sure if I'm aware of every emotion I have encountered exactly..... haha. haha.

Well. I'm not even sure what to write next. Um... my eyes feel like they are on fire. Comes with the cold and flu symptoms I'm told. A bit of a doozy in my opinion. But hey... it could be so so so much worse. Yes. I'm grateful for my runny nose and itchy eyes. Who'da thunk.

My goodness.... so scrambled.

A bit about me then I guess. Not in the "I'm so cocky" sense. Just the "hey, how are you, it's been a great day.... and sometimes I like wearing green nail polish. Just so you know."

So... I find I enjoy stories where people just fly off the seat of their pants and say exactly what they are thinking right when they are thinking it. Even if it doesn't pertain to the situation you are in at all. Strange, my thoughts. So now I begin, saying exactly what I think. At this moment. This is part of who I am.

I love to people watch. No, I've said that wrong. I love to enjoy people. I mean, I don't have to even be involved in someone's situation AT ALL and I can somehow pick out different emotions in different situations. The happy ones... when I am able to feel happy with them.... those ones can change my day. Who knew such an effect could happen.

I delve myself into music. I have never been musically talented nor do I pretend to be any sort of professional in a music field. But I do know when to appreciate a well-written piece. My favorite "genre" I guess is movie scores. It brings a smile to my face to think about them..... they take me away. I can close my eyes and dream of bigger things, bigger places. It's.... well it's sort of beautiful really.

I really like hot pockets. Only the ones with ham and cheese. I'm not really sure why they label them "for lunch". I could eat those all day if I could. They cost money though.... haha imagine that. In my dream world (while I'm listening to my dream music haha) hot pockets grow on trees and are ready for picking when the tree dinger chimes and says they're ready to eat. ah... I've found my first tangent. I wondered when one of those would pop up.

Tangent #1 (it means I was planning to finish my paragraph but then was interrupted by another thought. I've never been great with priorities)
My dream world. I'm pausing for a second to collect my thoughts. Well... besides hot pockets. Everyone will dress in the time period of the civil war. You know... southern bell style. I envy that time period mainly because of how they were dressed.... oh my.... so elegant. I really like fairies.... I know it's weird but there is something about them. It's so magical. Needless to say, there will be fairies on my world. You know how in movies where the background music (the score) plays at exactly the right moments in exactly the right places? My world will have background music continually. I guess that makes me the DJ. So strange... haha. What else, oh yes. No hiccups. They really hurt. I've never liked them and I don't know anyone who has. There will be sneezes though. Those are nice :) Daisies.... my world will be full of daisies.... then I will finally be able to say "life is bliss." There will be seasons, but it will always be the same temperature. I love the snow but hate the cold. This way, I really do get to have my cake and eat it too. But only if it's vanilla.

My goodness it's late. I probably should head straight to sleep with how my brain is spinning at the moment. Anyways, have a good night, to anyone who is reading. Sweet dreams.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The phone is my enemy

This is me. Right now. At my work. Doing customer service. Which I've never done before.

Kill me.

I swear my heart has never beat this fast when running! Or when seeing a cutie down the hall! My cheeks are flushing so much that I had to run to the bathroom to wipe off my blush so that I wouldn't look doubly pink. I had three calls come in.... here's another one..... Ugh! They give me the eebie jeebies! I'm so afraid I'll say something stupid that it has now become a guarantee that I will say something stupid. My life has become a treasure box of un-glorious moments! At least I give people something to chuckle over. Gee.... I feel like my tongue has swelled 10 times it's normal size. How attractive. I'm debating on whether I should write down what to say to a customer when they call, no matter what they say or ask... my response will be clear, concise, and the exact same thing every time.

*Phone rings*

"Hi! This is Liesl! How may I help you?!" (we are supposed to sound cheerful even when we aren't cheery)

"Hi I am so-and-so, I was wondering what the employee pick is so that I may be more decisive on my order?"

"Oh yes, it is very cold outside isn't it! I'll be sure to leave the real customer service employee's your valued message! Thanks for shopping with us and have a fabulous day! Good-bye."

Clear. Concise. Embarrassing. At least I can hang up when I want. I might just get fired..... (is it worth it? is it worth it? is it worth it?) Well, wish me luck! I still have an hour left.... Here comes another one.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Calgon take me away!

My mom always talked about her "calgon moments" while I was growing up. Whether it was relaxing watching a good movie, eating popcorn for lunch, taking a long luxurious bath, or getting a massage from one of us girls. We never understood why she said this or what it really meant, but we went with the saying and started using it to! (mostly just for the long luxurious baths...) I finally saw the commercial a couple of years ago.... The full saying is, "Ah... Calgon, take me away!" It's actually bath soap! And maybe a few other bathroom accessories. Imagine that! I have absolutely no clue as to how they came up with that ridiculous sounding name but.... it kinda fits when you really think about it.

Yesterday I got thinking.... Well, Liesl.... ( I pondered to myself ) your mother has become quite accomplished in figuring out what her calgon moments are but you are lacking in that area! I have found that it is actually really important to discover what your true "calgon" moments are because really.... we all need them! It balances us out don't you think? Well... I've finally discovered it. I don't know why I have never put this label on them before. My calgon moment is a huge layer in the definition of my life!!! Many who know me will also agree that this is true. Alright alright I'll tell you! But only because you begged....


I cannot even go a day without reading a page of.... SOMETHING! Books are ingenious! They take you away to far off lands, adventures, into the minds of real people, to giving its readers impeccable thoughts and ideas, and also discovering things you've never known. It's truly amazing. I think it's interesting how I find myself spending more money at Barnes and Noble than I ever have at anywhere else, including the mall!!!! (oh wait I take that back... I just glanced at my iTunes account the other day and well... let's just say that I could've purchased a CAR with all that I have spent on there.)
One of my new years reso's is to really expand my horizons and discover other books. Ones different from the genres I find myself attached to. I really am so excited to find more books and read about things that I could never have thought to have written myself. The written word is so awe-inspiring.
So my not so inspiring thought for the week is for everyone to find your own calgon moment! It can be anything! and no one has to know but you. So even if it's embarrassing like, milking a cow (ew... gross) then that's perfect!!!! ingenious. Find that moment, use it wisely, and make yourself a better person by enjoying it's delicacies!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

um.... actually, it's yellow

In my opinion, someone's most embarrassing moment can occur during the exact moment you think someone else is having theirs. Confused? Good. Let me elaborate on my current thought. Say someone asks you a question and you get all confused and think they are totally off their rocker for even asking that question because it no way in this universe makes sense, BUT as it so unfortunately turns out, you were in fact the one who misunderstood.

We need an example of this situation

My family went tubing over the New Years Weekend at Soldier Hollow in Midway, I believe. Someone very close to me was standing in line waiting for his/her turn to let gravity take it's course down the steep snowy slopes. One of the employee's came up to him/her and asked this question. "Excuse me, but what color do you have? Green or Blue?" This person's reply , thinking that she was referring to the color of her tube was, "um.... actually, it's yellow." The employee looked confused by this response but let it go.
We, my family, later came to understand that the employee was really talking about the color of her tubing tag. Green for one ride down the slope and blue for two hours of blissful excitement. Thinking about this, it made me giggle to think that the employee was so baffled by his/her response that she probably questioned her sanity. However, my special someone was feeling exactly the same way about this girl's question.

Just a little tid bit of a story to enjoy! Unfortunately, this uncommon situation for me is actually, well.... quite common. hmmm.....

Anyways... thank you to my special someone for having this experience. I love you and if I was in that situation... my response would be -exactly- the same. :)