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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

um.... actually, it's yellow

In my opinion, someone's most embarrassing moment can occur during the exact moment you think someone else is having theirs. Confused? Good. Let me elaborate on my current thought. Say someone asks you a question and you get all confused and think they are totally off their rocker for even asking that question because it no way in this universe makes sense, BUT as it so unfortunately turns out, you were in fact the one who misunderstood.

We need an example of this situation

My family went tubing over the New Years Weekend at Soldier Hollow in Midway, I believe. Someone very close to me was standing in line waiting for his/her turn to let gravity take it's course down the steep snowy slopes. One of the employee's came up to him/her and asked this question. "Excuse me, but what color do you have? Green or Blue?" This person's reply , thinking that she was referring to the color of her tube was, "um.... actually, it's yellow." The employee looked confused by this response but let it go.
We, my family, later came to understand that the employee was really talking about the color of her tubing tag. Green for one ride down the slope and blue for two hours of blissful excitement. Thinking about this, it made me giggle to think that the employee was so baffled by his/her response that she probably questioned her sanity. However, my special someone was feeling exactly the same way about this girl's question.

Just a little tid bit of a story to enjoy! Unfortunately, this uncommon situation for me is actually, well.... quite common. hmmm.....

Anyways... thank you to my special someone for having this experience. I love you and if I was in that situation... my response would be -exactly- the same. :)


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Little said...

ha..haha....oh liesl..you little story teller you. i just started a blog too...what!?!? haha...good times