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Monday, February 27, 2012

Never liked the sniffles

To all those who aren't feeling the greatest today.... I'm sorry. Such is life though ya? I've had this cold all weekend and I just want even the littlest type of relief. My head is foggy and I have bags under my eyes. Being a receptionist at work.... well people that call and know who I am are asking where I am and if I'm a temp. guy. Ok so that only happened once but you get my drift! Of course this has to happen on a Monday.... and you all know I much I love Mondays! But it's ok.

Let's get better soon!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just what I needed

This week has been extremely uneventful and.... not boring but..... relaxing. That's the word. There hasn't been anything way crazy going on and that has been just what I needed. But of course my weekend is filling up quickly! I guess no one can go too long with a break like this! As much as I would like to......

Spent a little quality time with my nephew this past Saturday. Simon seemed to really love my camera on my iPhone and took lots of lovely pictures!!! This little one has raw talent.

Don't mind the noise either.


So cute.

Random dilemma I am dealing with:

I am constantly finding myself wanting to drink out of other people's drinks. Just when they are sitting next to me like in a work meeting or at the movie theater. I don't know what it is! Just impulse or muscle memory.... I haven't ever taken a swig of anyone's but I still feel embarrassed when I catch myself thinking about it. So weird...... Anyway. Food for thought. If you have a cure I am ALL ears.

Have a wonderful Thursday! Friday comes soon.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cake Statistics

I think the pictures speak for themselves! We were so happy to find that our cake was extremely soft and delicious! Can't wait to go home for another bite!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


It's been 6 months today people!


It has gone by so fast! I just love being married to Justin! We get to pull out our cake top tonight! We will see how.... good.... it turns out to be. It better be amazing! It's red velvet cake after all.....


I can't wait to see what happens in the next 6 months! and the next.... and the next... and the next, and the next! We already have so many fun things planned!

June! We are going to visit Justin's brother and his family!

Brazil in December! So excited for this one! We get to go see where Justin served his mission! We are taking on the adventure with our friends and Justin's companion Tommy and his wife Ashley!

Joao Passoa

Some good advice I received while I've been talking about how I can't wait until these plans unfold..... never wish your life away. Enjoy the moment while you are in it and when you are older you won't have any regrets!

I guess I better stop wishing for work to end today.....

Have a great Thursday!

And happy "six months" Justin. I love you!

photo taken the day we got engaged!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Nobody EVER told me that Valentine's day could get SO much better after you are married! It really is a world of a difference! Now don't go getting your mind in the gutter.... I'm talking about how we get to spend the entire day celebrating our love and marriage and he doesn't even have to take me home when we are done. Ah.......

It truly was one of the best day's I've ever had.
I can't wait for next year!!

We started off to a lovely morning breakfast of french toast and strawberry milk! YUM

He was so sweet and hand delivered flowers to me at work! I'm pretty emotional when it comes to this sort of thing..... gee. I'm getting pools just thinking about it! With a smile of course. They are so beautiful!!!

Inside the bouquet I also found this little note:

What a cute thing to do!

My mom also stopped by my work and gave me a pink rose and a valentine with an invitation to a girls night with her and my sisters on Saturday! We are going to see Ballet West's Don Quixote. I'm so excited!

I made some valentine's for everyone at work too. I didn't really know what kind I should do but then Pinterest came to the rescue! Since I work with mostly men at my job.... I think these worked out very well!

My boss was extremely thoughtful and noticed I was a little eager to go home so he sent me on my way at 4:15. Thank goodness because I needed a shower. Justin and I dressed up and he took me to Carrabba's for dinner! It was so special.... that's where he proposed to me a little over a year ago. The most thoughtful thing.... He called FIVE different places last Friday to make reservations. FIVE! Even if we hadn't gone out to eat I would've been so grateful because he put so much thought into this night. So darling. (btw. Next time you eat at Carrabba's, get the Raspberry/Banana smoothie. It is to die for!)

We were planning on going to see a movie but then decided that we would have just as much of a good time going home and watching Modern Family. Thanks Dave!

It was so relaxing and so sweet. I made up a little scrapbook of 103 things that I love about him. I think he really liked it! I also gave him this cute little book right here:

A small preview of what it say's inside!

Then he surprised me with another gift! I opened it and found this movie!:

I can't believe he went into the store and bought that all by himself! Wait, of course I can! He loves me :)

I hope you all had as good of a Valentines as I did!

Happy V-Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Today... I deleted a comment on my facebook page

Here is what it said:

"Sometimes I get tired of everyone posting controversies and political agenda's. I only really get on facebook to look at everyone's pretty pictures and to see how they are doing. I'm feeling pretty close-minded right now..... and it's ok :)"

I love all of my friends that I have on facebook! I really appreciate everyone's opinion and their takes on life and the pursuit of happiness.

So why then did I delete my comment?

Because it's Monday.

And I don't like to think on Monday's.

So when I have to think on Monday's............ I get grumpy.

So because I know how I am on Monday's, I won't post my comment.

Tuesday's are different!

I will read your thoughts on the world then.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Proud new parents!

Of our new dresser! Yes, we have been married 5 months without one but it's okay! We have this baby now! And we are both so pleased to welcome it into the family. At such a great deal too!

Welcome welcome!

Friday, February 10, 2012



Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yes..... It is hard to drink things that look like they are from the sewer

But they say it's good for you.

I'm game.

Today it's spinach, blackberries bananas, and oranges. I have some celery on the side for some substance eating because my brain is telling me that I will drown if I only drink my green smoothie.

Sometimes I believe it.

I like using straws when I drink it because then I don't have to feel the texture of leaves in my mouth and I can just slurp it on down.

I doesn't work but my brain tells me to keep trying.

Sometimes I don't like to listen to my brain. She's mean.....

I will admit that I feel LOADS better since I started drinking my sewer-slime drink. I've been off caffeine, I don't eat candy, my energy is spiking.......... I do a Zumba class every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with my sister Giselle and then on the opposite days Justin and I go to the gym. My body hasn't felt this healthy in a long time! I do have a long way to go because I fed my body what it wanted for SO LONG and hardly ever gave it what it needed. My body is a little mad that there are no more donuts so as punishment it gives me headaches occasionally. Don't you worry! She'll behave :)

Anyways! I recommend you try some! So far my fam doesn't want anything to do with sewer looking drinks but I will prevail!!!

Bottoms up!

Monday, February 6, 2012


I've been staring.... all day. I know I've had it since last February but.... It's just so pretty.

Thought I'd share.


It's the name of this new little deli that just moved into town! We actually went out on a Saturday night and decided to go somewhere new before our movie


We were having such a great time! Even though we were out in public, that didn't stop us from sneaking in a few "we-look-absurd-and-loving-it" pictures!!

I tried to help the sandwich people pronounce my name.... it ended up coming out worse.

Overall we give this place a "Thumbs-up!" Lots of friendly people and we sure did have a good time!