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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just what I needed

This week has been extremely uneventful and.... not boring but..... relaxing. That's the word. There hasn't been anything way crazy going on and that has been just what I needed. But of course my weekend is filling up quickly! I guess no one can go too long with a break like this! As much as I would like to......

Spent a little quality time with my nephew this past Saturday. Simon seemed to really love my camera on my iPhone and took lots of lovely pictures!!! This little one has raw talent.

Don't mind the noise either.


So cute.

Random dilemma I am dealing with:

I am constantly finding myself wanting to drink out of other people's drinks. Just when they are sitting next to me like in a work meeting or at the movie theater. I don't know what it is! Just impulse or muscle memory.... I haven't ever taken a swig of anyone's but I still feel embarrassed when I catch myself thinking about it. So weird...... Anyway. Food for thought. If you have a cure I am ALL ears.

Have a wonderful Thursday! Friday comes soon.

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Todd said...

So you experience a nearly uncontrollable urge to sample another persons drink? I say DO IT. Drink it all. It will be worth it just to see their reaction. I think the movie theatre would be the best location.