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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Nobody EVER told me that Valentine's day could get SO much better after you are married! It really is a world of a difference! Now don't go getting your mind in the gutter.... I'm talking about how we get to spend the entire day celebrating our love and marriage and he doesn't even have to take me home when we are done. Ah.......

It truly was one of the best day's I've ever had.
I can't wait for next year!!

We started off to a lovely morning breakfast of french toast and strawberry milk! YUM

He was so sweet and hand delivered flowers to me at work! I'm pretty emotional when it comes to this sort of thing..... gee. I'm getting pools just thinking about it! With a smile of course. They are so beautiful!!!

Inside the bouquet I also found this little note:

What a cute thing to do!

My mom also stopped by my work and gave me a pink rose and a valentine with an invitation to a girls night with her and my sisters on Saturday! We are going to see Ballet West's Don Quixote. I'm so excited!

I made some valentine's for everyone at work too. I didn't really know what kind I should do but then Pinterest came to the rescue! Since I work with mostly men at my job.... I think these worked out very well!

My boss was extremely thoughtful and noticed I was a little eager to go home so he sent me on my way at 4:15. Thank goodness because I needed a shower. Justin and I dressed up and he took me to Carrabba's for dinner! It was so special.... that's where he proposed to me a little over a year ago. The most thoughtful thing.... He called FIVE different places last Friday to make reservations. FIVE! Even if we hadn't gone out to eat I would've been so grateful because he put so much thought into this night. So darling. (btw. Next time you eat at Carrabba's, get the Raspberry/Banana smoothie. It is to die for!)

We were planning on going to see a movie but then decided that we would have just as much of a good time going home and watching Modern Family. Thanks Dave!

It was so relaxing and so sweet. I made up a little scrapbook of 103 things that I love about him. I think he really liked it! I also gave him this cute little book right here:

A small preview of what it say's inside!

Then he surprised me with another gift! I opened it and found this movie!:

I can't believe he went into the store and bought that all by himself! Wait, of course I can! He loves me :)

I hope you all had as good of a Valentines as I did!

Happy V-Day!