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Thursday, August 30, 2012

All the Small Things

Mornings and evenings here in Utah have been exquisite. I am so lucky to live in a place where the weather brings in something new every day. I have to just stop and stare.... I don't want to miss it. These Utah skies literally take my breath away.

What have the skies looked like where you live??

Small side note:
       The other day when I said work was slow.... I found something in my purse to occupy my time.  

Seventh Heaven

OH GOODIE!!! Tomorrow is Friday!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School!

Doesn't he just look so excited! I even made him a lunch..... I wish I could keep up the tradition but it's just so early. (Yes I know.... lunches can be made the night before..... Oh this forgetful brain of mine)  All summer long I was loving the fact that the alarms weren't blaring until 7:00 am for us to wake up for work.  School has now ruined my 6 - 7 am dream time.  But it is what it is and as long as I get to see this cutie off to school every morning - all is well in the world.

There were lots of fun things that happened over the weekend.  I wish that I had proof with pictures but it's one of those times where I was just having way to good of a time to take a camera out.  I got to have a girls night/sleepover with my darling niece Kenzie.  We went and splurged on smell-goods from Bath & Body Works then we turned on Hunger Games while we painted our nails and then made some super cute jewelry while watching Despicable Me.  Justin had to come in and tell us to go to bed at one in the morning.  Such a fun time!  Saturday we went and watched Britt'e run the Rivalry Relay.  I seriously don't know how that girl can just keep going and going!  It was ridiculous!  She had a fun group of girls with her and we are all so proud!

Ya!!! You go girl!

After that Justin and I hosted a little back to school party at our place.  We all decided to go tube down the provo river first (which was a complete blast!) and then just come home and enjoy some games and snacks.  It was a great time!

Work is a little slow today but that means I get to continue reading my book, "The Book Thief" (can I just tell you how weird it is to read my name in a book?  Even if it is spelled differently) and maybe I will go for a little run during my lunch break.  Today is a beautiful day!

Have a good one!

p.s. Anyone have any good ideas of a book I should read next? 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Tea Time

Oh how lovely.....

My cute little girls that I teach on Sunday were saying these phrases and speaking in English accents the entire Wednesday activity time.  I seriously was dying.....

We were having a little back to school get together and decided to make it "tea party" themed.  Oh and I am so glad that we did!  They sipped their "tea" (pink lemonade) and kept their pinkies up while holding their cups and told stories about boys they had crushes on and embarrassing moments that happened on their first day back at school.  They even handed out some free advice.

Advice such as this:

"Don't squash the lice and fleas on you in public"


"It isn't polite to sweat"

We ladies must all do well to remember that too!! :)  

Oh there is never a dull moment when it comes to being around 12 and 13 year old girls.  So much energy and enthusiasm!  I know I am not that old but they sure make me feel much older than I am with all of the running around that they do!  We had such a good time.  I even have five minutes of video with them spouting stories in their accents.  I would post it but.... well, it tells tales of their innermost secrets.  Meaning: Which boys they like.  So cute. :)

Can't wait until the next activity with these lovelies!  They sure do make a great time.

It's Friday!  Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Not the band.....

But actual delicious, mouth-watering, anniversary celebrating cake.  Lemme tell you...... the lady who made our cake for our wedding is phenomenal!!! I know her personally but never knew her talent until my wedding day!  I am one lucky girl to have quite a connection.  She does this amazing thing where she gives you a free anniversary cake!  The exact same as your cake top!  How great is that!  Ours was red velvet at the wedding and we ate that one 6 months ago.  You can see how much we enjoyed it here!!  Our bottom layer of our wedding cake was her chocolate raspberry flavor.  Even though that is the flavor that we shoved into each others mouths at our reception..... well.... it's hard to remember some details of that day.  Including how good the cake was.  So we changed the red velvet to chocolate raspberry and we were definitely not disappointed!!

Here is our wedding cake (that I designed.... not to brag but I am really proud!  It's beautiful!)

 Isn't it to die for????? My flowers were done by Blossom Sweet.

Here are some pictures of our cake eating funtivites from last night :)

 I know this picture is super duper cheesy.... but it's our anniversary!  What do you expect! haha.

Oooo it was so yummy. Susan Fox is amazing!  Here is a link to her site.  Everything she has is delicious!  I recommend visiting her quaint little store and while you are there do not leave without one of her lemon bars.  YUM.....

Currently I am at work and just so super tired.  I keep sneaking in reading time while the bosses are away.... I just want to be at home with my book in the tub.  Maybe with my hubby cooking dinner too ;)


Bliss . . . . .

  Alright now.... Enough daydreaming.  Only 2 more hours of work to go.

I think I can - I think I can - I think I can ----

Happy Hump Day!  Hopefully this weekend comes soon! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Our One Year Anniversary

When people told me that the first year is the hardest year I will admit it made me a little nervous.  I mean... the first year????  What could possibly happen in the first year?!?!?!?!

I found out what happens.

I grew to love Justin more and more every single day.  The first year is the hardest?  I'm laughing in the faces of everyone who told me that.  Because I have never cherished a year in my life more than this past one.  Justin makes my whole world.  I don't know what I would do without him.

I don't know if it's because we dated for 2 1/2 years or because we had to learn how to communicate when we were dating or.... etc. etc.  Times were hard while we were dating.  We had some extremely life and self changing experiences that have molded us to become better people.  Those hard times during dating though rough, made our first year of marriage a breeze....  full of fun, games, parties, family and friends.

Our first anniversary celebration was amazing.  I'd say it was more relaxing than celebrating but that is just what we needed!!!  We spent 4 amazing days in sunny (and extremely warm) St. George.  We took a daring chance and rode the new motorcycle there too!  Yes..... my parents didn't like it much.  I kept my mom updated and hopefully as worry free as possible.... So..... not that worry free. hahaha.  So grateful for parents who are always looking out for me!!! Thanks mom and dad.

Well, lets get on with the pictures now shall we!?!?!

Isn't he just the sweetest??

We were originally looking for a really nice place to eat for our Anniversary dinner.  Needless to say after a 5 hour bike ride and 2 hours in the pool.... pizza and ice cream was all that we needed.


 I've never been on to many vacations but the three that I have been on with my Justin have been the funnest ever!  Each time we are away from reality it brings us that much closer together and when we come back home and continue our daily routines.... those little pieces of fairytale vacations stick with us and make us so happy!!!

Can't wait for the next year!!!! and the next.... and the next... and the next...........

Have a wonderful Monday!