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Friday, March 11, 2011

Ok Fine

What's this you say? Well I will tell you. It's a little bit of my CREATIVE self. This little polka dot notebook resting on my striped pajama'd being contains my bits and pieces of poetry I have written over the years. I AM NOT SAYING IT'S GOOD! Just saying I did it. I'm debating on posting some every once in a while to try to get my creative juices flowing once again. We'll see how this experiment turns out.

First Poem

(dedicated to all those who are doing their best out there)

A missionary,
By my definition: a teacher, a saint
A servant of our father
with rarely a complaint
A preacher of gospel
and truth from on high
containing a heart
that helps many to try
an angel from heaven
whose made choices so grand
a guidance for the lost
taking them by the hand
a spirit so humble
yet steadfast and strong
an achiever of greatness
a link to God's bond
a hope and a comfort
an answer from above
a symbol of patience,
virtue, and love
a brother of Christ
teaching God's plan to all
a radiating light
tearing down Satan's wall
a man that's been given
a mission so great
with ambition to enter
the celestial gate.


Wishing I was creative.


SEE WHAT I MEAN! complete loss of words and I am ashamed to say that I have been staring at my hands wondering what to write for a good ten minutes. bleh.

ciao... I guess