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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We were able to have 2 helpings of birthday cake this weekend! Our little niece Key Anna Hughes turned 1 last Saturday! Such a fun party at Kangaroo Zoo with all the other nieces and nephews! I think this little one really enjoyed her share of the cake!



Isn't she lovely

This was the poster my parents put on the window at the front of our house to let everyone celebrate Kalinja's big day with her! Don't you worry, the embarrassment is not over! My parents have this tradition of letting the whole world know when their kids turn 16. I remember on my birthday, My parents blew up a huge baby photograph of me and put it out by the busy road! Then they put a current picture just as big right in the front yard. Somewhat embarrassed but secretly.... I loved it! This is what we did for Kalinja this year!

mmmmm..... My mom makes the most wonderful cakes. We've never had store bought! So spoiled. This red velvet was delectable!

She is getting so grown up! My mom insisted that we do "Heavy, Heavy, Hangover" FOR EVERY PRESENT! We all sure got a kick out of that!

It was such a wonderful night! We all had such a great time. My family has decided on themed dinners for our birthdays this year. Kalinja picked Italian (the best one!) so we had Fettuccine Alfredo and Italian sodas.... yummmm.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wednesday night DATE NIGHT

Doesn't it just seem SO much easier to do "Date Night" during the week after you get married??? I sure think so.... Less crowds, better timing, ..... Less crowds ..... Win win all around.

We have our favorite dishes at certain restaurants and Justin has been craving his Steak Gorgonzola-Alfredo meal ever since we received a gift card to Olive Garden.

Oh what a great time!

I had the Chicken Alfredo. I know I know, it's basic. But believe me when I tell you that I have never EVER had grilled chicken that tasted this good! EVER! Serious....

Look at him!!! He is so excited :)

Don't you worry! The date wasn't over yet. I've been going through some awkward weird "lets try different colors of lipstick!" phase. Justin was thoughtful enough to humor me so we went to Nordstroms at the M.A.C. counter and Liesl got a bit carried away.....

But this pink is so pretty!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Meet Justin

This is my Husband.... Hi Justin!

This guy is a definite keeper. Why do I say so? Well.... I can't wait to tell you!

1. He's funny
2. Very charming (oo la la)
3. AMAZING musician
4. Super Smart
5. Great with money (we balance eachother... ha)
6. Sentimental
1,654,739. He loves me (sigh.....)


We dated each other for 2 1/2 years. Yep! That's right! No.. I did not mean 2 1/2 weeks like every one else around town. We REALLY like each other. Best advice given to me about dating was from my mother. Date someone through all the seasons before you decide to marry them. We just wanted to do it twice. Lucky us.

Brief intro... I hope that's ok! More to come with adventures, love, and living!

Red is the new, well...... RED

I'm pretty sure I'm digging it

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I don't think so

Does it really have to be hard. Well I think that it is all based on choices. Granted.... you can't always decide what the other person(s) will do or decide or invoke but you can control reaction and the peace within yourself.


WHY IS IT that we always beat and brutalize those that we turn to most for comfort, love, and affection?

WHY IS IT that we hate making friends and acquaintances feel bad but we can shout and yell and verbally hurt our family?

WHY IS IT that we stand up for our loved ones when others shoot them down but then do the same thing ourselves.

Now I know that these aren't an "always" sort of thing. (Two words I hate with a passion --- ALWAYS and NEVER. These should.... well... never! be used) We all love our families and cherish the times and experiences we have with them. They help us, comfort us, are there in times of crisis or peril.

I'm determined to figure out the process behind this. It may just be as simple and taking a step back and really thinking about the situation at hand. Maybe that IS all it is. Maybe it's just about focusing on their shoes and taking a step out of yours. Focusing on your thoughts and purposes but keeping theirs in mind as well. I'm no professional that is for sure.... as much as I wish I could be. As I grow older and think of priorities and routines and think of the time when I get to start my own family... well I'm trying to bring a lot into perspective.


My eyes are burning!!

I have been staring at this computer for seriously.... way too long. I'm supposed to. Really. It's my job. Although I would have to admit that I frequently get side-tracked by various news reports, pinterest, and clothing sites. Meh.

I feel like this blogging sort of thing is somewhat productive during my computer staring time. At least I am using my brain to come up with words and sentences which unfortunately, have no impact on the world. Let's pretend though shall we?

Minor side-track

Just saying. It's atrocious.

People SHOULD listen to me about never wearing this..... article of clothing. bleck.

I have no thoughts. I thought that maybe if I just started typing some sort of epiphany would come or maybe...... some huge event where I was able to be the first one to talk about it.


Tell me this. What do you think of red lipstick? Too bold? Too circus-y? Too.... I'm trying to get attention? I wore some to work yesterday. Not just the simple red lipstick but the bold statement lipstick. I wonder if it makes people listen to what you are saying more often? They are at least looking in the right direction. They have too! There is no avoiding seeing the red circle on your face.

I'm going to keep trying it out. Statistics to follow.

Nonsense is flowing out of my brain and onto this page and it's telling me it's time to quit and go back to my computer-staring.