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Tuesday, January 31, 2012



Isn't she lovely

This was the poster my parents put on the window at the front of our house to let everyone celebrate Kalinja's big day with her! Don't you worry, the embarrassment is not over! My parents have this tradition of letting the whole world know when their kids turn 16. I remember on my birthday, My parents blew up a huge baby photograph of me and put it out by the busy road! Then they put a current picture just as big right in the front yard. Somewhat embarrassed but secretly.... I loved it! This is what we did for Kalinja this year!

mmmmm..... My mom makes the most wonderful cakes. We've never had store bought! So spoiled. This red velvet was delectable!

She is getting so grown up! My mom insisted that we do "Heavy, Heavy, Hangover" FOR EVERY PRESENT! We all sure got a kick out of that!

It was such a wonderful night! We all had such a great time. My family has decided on themed dinners for our birthdays this year. Kalinja picked Italian (the best one!) so we had Fettuccine Alfredo and Italian sodas.... yummmm.


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