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Monday, January 9, 2012

If I could be anything for a day.....

It would be extreme.

I wouldn't just pick something different but normal. Or even somewhat normal!!! I would need to jump out on a limb and get out of my comfort zone and be....

A Pirate.

Woah....... That would be neat.

This would be my outfit. Except not so..... boobalicious. Excuse me.
Her make-up is ugly too but that is beside the point. Girl pirates don't wear make-up. Silly.

Would this just be so far-fetched and extremely AWESOME!! I don't know how well I would do with their pirate lingo (if they even really use that anymore) but I am pretty sure I would be super great and super terrifying. Of course, girls, when put in a manly position (like a pirate) tend to excel in all areas. Meaning... I would be rich. So terrifying... people would just see me and hand over their money. Only bad people though. I wouldn't mind taking their money. So if you are bad... WATCH OUT!

Small fantasy of mine that is starting to make me seem weird so I'm keeping the rest of it in my head.

until next time.


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