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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My eyes are burning!!

I have been staring at this computer for seriously.... way too long. I'm supposed to. Really. It's my job. Although I would have to admit that I frequently get side-tracked by various news reports, pinterest, and clothing sites. Meh.

I feel like this blogging sort of thing is somewhat productive during my computer staring time. At least I am using my brain to come up with words and sentences which unfortunately, have no impact on the world. Let's pretend though shall we?

Minor side-track

Just saying. It's atrocious.

People SHOULD listen to me about never wearing this..... article of clothing. bleck.

I have no thoughts. I thought that maybe if I just started typing some sort of epiphany would come or maybe...... some huge event where I was able to be the first one to talk about it.


Tell me this. What do you think of red lipstick? Too bold? Too circus-y? Too.... I'm trying to get attention? I wore some to work yesterday. Not just the simple red lipstick but the bold statement lipstick. I wonder if it makes people listen to what you are saying more often? They are at least looking in the right direction. They have too! There is no avoiding seeing the red circle on your face.

I'm going to keep trying it out. Statistics to follow.

Nonsense is flowing out of my brain and onto this page and it's telling me it's time to quit and go back to my computer-staring.



Casey and Candi Despain said...

I love reading your posts. I hope married life is treating you wonderfully. And for the record, I am not one who dares to wear red lipstick but totally think you could pull it off. You have gorgeous lips. Keep posting and hope all is well :) <3 candi.

Liesl B said...


Married life is ever more greater than I could've imagined. How is your family? I hope you are doing amazing! Missing you!