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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I don't think so

Does it really have to be hard. Well I think that it is all based on choices. Granted.... you can't always decide what the other person(s) will do or decide or invoke but you can control reaction and the peace within yourself.


WHY IS IT that we always beat and brutalize those that we turn to most for comfort, love, and affection?

WHY IS IT that we hate making friends and acquaintances feel bad but we can shout and yell and verbally hurt our family?

WHY IS IT that we stand up for our loved ones when others shoot them down but then do the same thing ourselves.

Now I know that these aren't an "always" sort of thing. (Two words I hate with a passion --- ALWAYS and NEVER. These should.... well... never! be used) We all love our families and cherish the times and experiences we have with them. They help us, comfort us, are there in times of crisis or peril.

I'm determined to figure out the process behind this. It may just be as simple and taking a step back and really thinking about the situation at hand. Maybe that IS all it is. Maybe it's just about focusing on their shoes and taking a step out of yours. Focusing on your thoughts and purposes but keeping theirs in mind as well. I'm no professional that is for sure.... as much as I wish I could be. As I grow older and think of priorities and routines and think of the time when I get to start my own family... well I'm trying to bring a lot into perspective.


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