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Friday, September 24, 2010

I believe in Yesterday

So relaxing. I had but a moment after work to sit next to the Provo river and enjoy myself! What a blessing! As you all know, when I am reading is when I am truly in my comfort zone. I create a small bubble around my self and drift away. This reading spot of mine yesterday was so perfect..... ah words cannot describe. I just wanted to share a piece with you.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

All the small things

When were we ever this small!

I was out hunting today in my yard discovering all the small things there is to discover when I fell upon a few things that I'm ashamed to say I'd forgotten!!! I found my sisters and my handprints in the foundation of our itty bitty playhouse. They are so cute!

This is our tiller king. Every word of that sentence has sarcasm seeping out of the corners.... why the broom? I thought it a great comparison as to how well our tiller really works on fixing our lawn. :) All right.... I'm being unfair. This baby has successfully helped us in the workin's of a new lawn! She barely made it poor thing!

Sneak Previews of our Yard to Be!

She's gonna be a looker! But I'm not giving away too many clues yet ;)

Ah.... when we have grass.... life will be bliss.

Some say to not look at life through rose colored glasses.....

I think mine looks pretty SWEET!

My helper for the evening? Only Savannah. She was more of..... a spy than an ally in this project of mine. She's just mad that I didn't take her outside with me. She doesn't hold grudges for too long though! Thank goodness.

Ciao! (bark!)