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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Not the band.....

But actual delicious, mouth-watering, anniversary celebrating cake.  Lemme tell you...... the lady who made our cake for our wedding is phenomenal!!! I know her personally but never knew her talent until my wedding day!  I am one lucky girl to have quite a connection.  She does this amazing thing where she gives you a free anniversary cake!  The exact same as your cake top!  How great is that!  Ours was red velvet at the wedding and we ate that one 6 months ago.  You can see how much we enjoyed it here!!  Our bottom layer of our wedding cake was her chocolate raspberry flavor.  Even though that is the flavor that we shoved into each others mouths at our reception..... well.... it's hard to remember some details of that day.  Including how good the cake was.  So we changed the red velvet to chocolate raspberry and we were definitely not disappointed!!

Here is our wedding cake (that I designed.... not to brag but I am really proud!  It's beautiful!)

 Isn't it to die for????? My flowers were done by Blossom Sweet.

Here are some pictures of our cake eating funtivites from last night :)

 I know this picture is super duper cheesy.... but it's our anniversary!  What do you expect! haha.

Oooo it was so yummy. Susan Fox is amazing!  Here is a link to her site.  Everything she has is delicious!  I recommend visiting her quaint little store and while you are there do not leave without one of her lemon bars.  YUM.....

Currently I am at work and just so super tired.  I keep sneaking in reading time while the bosses are away.... I just want to be at home with my book in the tub.  Maybe with my hubby cooking dinner too ;)


Bliss . . . . .

  Alright now.... Enough daydreaming.  Only 2 more hours of work to go.

I think I can - I think I can - I think I can ----

Happy Hump Day!  Hopefully this weekend comes soon! 

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Tessems said...

That book is actually wonderful--it's so nice when I find someone else who enjoys it.

Congratulations on the anniversary! We were just married in July--you guys make it look easy.