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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yes..... It is hard to drink things that look like they are from the sewer

But they say it's good for you.

I'm game.

Today it's spinach, blackberries bananas, and oranges. I have some celery on the side for some substance eating because my brain is telling me that I will drown if I only drink my green smoothie.

Sometimes I believe it.

I like using straws when I drink it because then I don't have to feel the texture of leaves in my mouth and I can just slurp it on down.

I doesn't work but my brain tells me to keep trying.

Sometimes I don't like to listen to my brain. She's mean.....

I will admit that I feel LOADS better since I started drinking my sewer-slime drink. I've been off caffeine, I don't eat candy, my energy is spiking.......... I do a Zumba class every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with my sister Giselle and then on the opposite days Justin and I go to the gym. My body hasn't felt this healthy in a long time! I do have a long way to go because I fed my body what it wanted for SO LONG and hardly ever gave it what it needed. My body is a little mad that there are no more donuts so as punishment it gives me headaches occasionally. Don't you worry! She'll behave :)

Anyways! I recommend you try some! So far my fam doesn't want anything to do with sewer looking drinks but I will prevail!!!

Bottoms up!


Camille Spence said...

Oh man, I love my green smoothies! I've been drinking them almost daily since having the bebe. Totally boosts my energy as well. I have started adding about 1/3c. oatmeal to mine as well bc it helps me feel full for hours. Just blend it for a long time to mix it in so the texture is smoother. And I've been zumba-ing it up too, and loving it! Such a fun workout!

Anonymous said...

Cool sticker on your bottle!