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Friday, February 3, 2012


You guessed right! It's Justin. I cannot wait until I can see him tonight! I just read every email we have sent to each other since we had started dating. And believe me when I say there were quite a few. Lots of them we happy... some were very sad..... some were uplifting..... and some were when we really needed each other. I'm so happy that we have those messages that we can share with each other! Those little reminders every day are crucial! You need things like that I think in order to keep working hard on your marriage! Now I am no professional... I've only ben married 5 months. But I really believe that if Justin and I keep sending each other notes and give tokens of our love and if we keep reminding ourselves of our journey together.... well I think it's worth it. Give me some of your advice! What works for you in order to make those sad times glad and the happy times happier! I wish everyone the very best!!!


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