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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Calgon take me away!

My mom always talked about her "calgon moments" while I was growing up. Whether it was relaxing watching a good movie, eating popcorn for lunch, taking a long luxurious bath, or getting a massage from one of us girls. We never understood why she said this or what it really meant, but we went with the saying and started using it to! (mostly just for the long luxurious baths...) I finally saw the commercial a couple of years ago.... The full saying is, "Ah... Calgon, take me away!" It's actually bath soap! And maybe a few other bathroom accessories. Imagine that! I have absolutely no clue as to how they came up with that ridiculous sounding name but.... it kinda fits when you really think about it.

Yesterday I got thinking.... Well, Liesl.... ( I pondered to myself ) your mother has become quite accomplished in figuring out what her calgon moments are but you are lacking in that area! I have found that it is actually really important to discover what your true "calgon" moments are because really.... we all need them! It balances us out don't you think? Well... I've finally discovered it. I don't know why I have never put this label on them before. My calgon moment is a huge layer in the definition of my life!!! Many who know me will also agree that this is true. Alright alright I'll tell you! But only because you begged....


I cannot even go a day without reading a page of.... SOMETHING! Books are ingenious! They take you away to far off lands, adventures, into the minds of real people, to giving its readers impeccable thoughts and ideas, and also discovering things you've never known. It's truly amazing. I think it's interesting how I find myself spending more money at Barnes and Noble than I ever have at anywhere else, including the mall!!!! (oh wait I take that back... I just glanced at my iTunes account the other day and well... let's just say that I could've purchased a CAR with all that I have spent on there.)
One of my new years reso's is to really expand my horizons and discover other books. Ones different from the genres I find myself attached to. I really am so excited to find more books and read about things that I could never have thought to have written myself. The written word is so awe-inspiring.
So my not so inspiring thought for the week is for everyone to find your own calgon moment! It can be anything! and no one has to know but you. So even if it's embarrassing like, milking a cow (ew... gross) then that's perfect!!!! ingenious. Find that moment, use it wisely, and make yourself a better person by enjoying it's delicacies!


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Little said...

yep i think if we both combined our iTunes bills we could totally buy a sweet car or somethin'.