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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is it 3 a.m. already??? My night is almost over.

Have you ever felt like the day wasn't enough? You may have finished your chores and completed your "To Do List" of laundry, groceries, and finally making the brownies you've owed your next door neighbor BUT! you still feel as if you aren't done with your day. Today is one of those days.... well nights I guess... for me. I'm wondering why I feel this way because my morning consisted of watching the embarrassingly addictive Desperate Housewives (I had to restrain from a third episode leading into the just as addictice Grey's Anatomy.... don't you just love Dr. Shepard's hair!?!) and my afternoon and evening containing an eventful night of spongebob entertained babysitting and then enjoying a movie of my own in a night out with the girls. Fun... but not exactly what you'd call the most productive day of your life. Yet here I am settled in the kitchen with my half filled bowl of fresh out of the oven "freezer orange chicken." It's a college life delicacy. BUT LISTEN TO THIS.... I feel so refreshed. Tonight is my own. No cell phone, no people, no traffic, no brain power... It's just what I ordered. My book, my food, my bed. Life is certainly more than bliss. It's, well, whatever word you come up with that is more than bliss, is what it is. I think I might exercise this more often. Ya! It seems healthy enough. HAHA. But who can blame me! With all the crap going on in the world today you would be crazy not to set aside time to take a big heavy breather. It's a shame you have to foregoe sleep while you're at it. Usually people think of sleep as a substantial relaxing mechanism. Usually. Anyway, my advice to you all if it's not laid out enough, take some time for you. Relax. Read a book. Become SANE. I promise no one while judge you for that.


p.s. I have extra orange chicken for anyone who wants some. It's DELECTABLE!!! If I do say so myself ;)

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