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Thursday, March 4, 2010

She hadda go baffroom

Potty breaks.

Today at work was very eye-opening. I have formulated a conclusion in this wee little brain of mine. The REAL definition of a potty break is: Running into a room with a locked closed door where you have privacy for at most ten minutes to do whatever you would like even if it isn't going potty and if you are in there longer people are going to check to make sure everything is coming out ok so you better make sure your only in there for your allotted time period.

The bathrooms at my work are great. With how many times the people at my job use them though, it should really be referred to as the break room. I mean THINK ABOUT IT! You have a chair just for your comfort, you can lock the door so that you have privacy, you have a mirror so you can stare at yourself, and a enough space to breath for a second and get away... How nice. Just pick up a book or start texting on your phone and PLOP ON THAT POT. The only side affects are a fan that's constantly running and making a whole bunch of noise and a huge red itchy ring around your butt that stings and stays there for a fifteen minute forever. Worth it? I should think so.

It's funny how much I notice while in my position at work. Everyone has to pass by me to get to the lou so that allows me to keep a running tally of how many times each person every day has to pee. There is one fellow employee that is in that bathroom probably half of the day!!!!! I wonder what he does in there.... sometimes he is in and out in 3 seconds flat, no kidding there. Other times I probably could've gone to a sit down restaurant and back before he supposedly finished his biddness. He's got talent.

ah.... It just puts the biggest grin on my face to hear the sound of that bathroom door shattering the silence and announcing to the world that someone has left there post to enjoy the rejuvenating peace from the potty. Who could ever imagine our world without those timely potty breaks. I'd have to say, my days would never be the same. Amen.



David Moon said...

Oh Liesl!!! How I've missed you!!! Haha... this pretty sums you up! You're great with words! Ha ha! I love reading your blog and having it bring a smile to my face with quite a few laughs. :) Keep up the blogs...they are fun to read!

Casey and Candi Despain said...

You are the funniest. Totally miss you! Just made my day brighter :D

Summer said...

um, this is the truest most amazing thing i have ever read.