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Friday, February 5, 2010

This post has no title..... I'm just going to start typing...... it's one of those days... Bear with my scrambled thoughts.

One of those days. What does that even mean? hmmmm.... that question deserves another few question marks. Um... ok here. ???? Feels better to get that off my chest.


It's been one of those days. I have felt every emotion under our beautiful blue sky. I'm not even sure if I'm aware of every emotion I have encountered exactly..... haha. haha.

Well. I'm not even sure what to write next. Um... my eyes feel like they are on fire. Comes with the cold and flu symptoms I'm told. A bit of a doozy in my opinion. But hey... it could be so so so much worse. Yes. I'm grateful for my runny nose and itchy eyes. Who'da thunk.

My goodness.... so scrambled.

A bit about me then I guess. Not in the "I'm so cocky" sense. Just the "hey, how are you, it's been a great day.... and sometimes I like wearing green nail polish. Just so you know."

So... I find I enjoy stories where people just fly off the seat of their pants and say exactly what they are thinking right when they are thinking it. Even if it doesn't pertain to the situation you are in at all. Strange, my thoughts. So now I begin, saying exactly what I think. At this moment. This is part of who I am.

I love to people watch. No, I've said that wrong. I love to enjoy people. I mean, I don't have to even be involved in someone's situation AT ALL and I can somehow pick out different emotions in different situations. The happy ones... when I am able to feel happy with them.... those ones can change my day. Who knew such an effect could happen.

I delve myself into music. I have never been musically talented nor do I pretend to be any sort of professional in a music field. But I do know when to appreciate a well-written piece. My favorite "genre" I guess is movie scores. It brings a smile to my face to think about them..... they take me away. I can close my eyes and dream of bigger things, bigger places. It's.... well it's sort of beautiful really.

I really like hot pockets. Only the ones with ham and cheese. I'm not really sure why they label them "for lunch". I could eat those all day if I could. They cost money though.... haha imagine that. In my dream world (while I'm listening to my dream music haha) hot pockets grow on trees and are ready for picking when the tree dinger chimes and says they're ready to eat. ah... I've found my first tangent. I wondered when one of those would pop up.

Tangent #1 (it means I was planning to finish my paragraph but then was interrupted by another thought. I've never been great with priorities)
My dream world. I'm pausing for a second to collect my thoughts. Well... besides hot pockets. Everyone will dress in the time period of the civil war. You know... southern bell style. I envy that time period mainly because of how they were dressed.... oh my.... so elegant. I really like fairies.... I know it's weird but there is something about them. It's so magical. Needless to say, there will be fairies on my world. You know how in movies where the background music (the score) plays at exactly the right moments in exactly the right places? My world will have background music continually. I guess that makes me the DJ. So strange... haha. What else, oh yes. No hiccups. They really hurt. I've never liked them and I don't know anyone who has. There will be sneezes though. Those are nice :) Daisies.... my world will be full of daisies.... then I will finally be able to say "life is bliss." There will be seasons, but it will always be the same temperature. I love the snow but hate the cold. This way, I really do get to have my cake and eat it too. But only if it's vanilla.

My goodness it's late. I probably should head straight to sleep with how my brain is spinning at the moment. Anyways, have a good night, to anyone who is reading. Sweet dreams.


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lannielou said...

I love ya. lol nice post made me laugh.