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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nearing the end......

Today is the last day! Summer school is over at 6:50 an it's time to celebrate with oreo's doused in milk. DOUSED. I really can't wait! I know this is nerdy but let's talk about my classes.... First block I had math. Math comes easier for me. Everything is black and white. There is only one right answer. I just barely finished English and I am pretty sure my brain is jell-o.  Not everything is clear and set out right in front if you..... It was really hard for me.... But I finished! And it was great! Did my diddy about space exploration (nerd!) and  I seriously can't wait to celebrate. Just had to vent about the today and I promise another update will come soon!

Til next time :)

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Mrs. Gallegos said...

I always love when school starts, but a couple of days after it starts I begin counting the days until it's over again!

Hooray for making through the semester!