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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

over the weekend

I have a feeling that the crazy busy schedule we had last weekend is only the start of the busy weekends that always occur during the fall and winter seasons..... WHY IS THAT?!?!?  I am not complaining though. We had some goooood times.  We ran a 5k and with my side of the family and didn't train for it.  My dad, sisters, and brother-in-law rocked it! Justin would've too if he wasn't a gem and didn't stay by my side.  I almost died.  Serious.  I won't even say my time.  It's too.... shameful. ha.  Luckily my mom and everyone else in that fam that was done cheered us on at the end.  Goodness knows I needed a boost.
  I probably napped a total of 5 hours that day just recuperating.  yikes.  Later that night we celebrated our run with rita's... oh man.  When we were visiting family in PA last year we couldn't get enough of Rita's!  It was only on the east coast though.  FINALLY two opened up here in Utah and we couldn't wait to go!
Go get some.... seriously.  And get the gelati.  It will never fail you.  We had dinner with the in-laws on Sunday and everyone was there except the Woods clan from Indiana.  We missed you guys...
So a pretty good weekend for sure!  It is always such a bummer on Mondays with the knowledge that is it back to the ol' grind with work and school.  Reality can suck sometimes.  Justin surprised me with roses last night though.  Those along with a clean house, dishes done, and laundry going... I mean COME ON!
I am seriously the luckiest girl.
happy hump day!
Worked on some jewelry for the shop over the weekend too!  Find the new designs here!


Miss Twiggy said...

you both look so sweet...

his little lady said...

Oh gosh, I have never ran a marathon before. I think I may die if I did. But you both look so happy doing it! Love this post, as always ;)
xo TJ

joanne said...

brave to just run without training ! glad you had fun !



Jennie Grange said...

i've heard ritas is good! your weekend looked like a blast! xo

fragrant breeze said...

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