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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm 23 now.  But not inside..... I feel 18 still.  So immature and so young.  I know I am still young but.... well this post is not intended to be depressing!!!!

So many good things happened on Monday.  I was spoiled rotten!!!! It was a party all day!

Present from work
Surprise at my desk
Surprise visit from my wonderful husband.  I love flowers!  Inside the card was a coupon to go get my hair done.  Such a sweetheart.
My boss and some coworkers took me out to the Pizza Factory as well!!  I love pizza way too much.  After work my family made me some delicious homemade cheeseburgers.  Yum.... I know... you are jealous.....

hahahaha my dad really likes Miracle Whip?
Yes.... it was as good as it looks... :)
Ooooo I LOVE presents.

Yes.... the motherload.  So spoiled!
After opening presents Kalinja got home from her trip with her friends and we all went and saw Snow White & the Huntsman.  I loved it!  I really recommend you go see it... however, I have a tendency to like super cheesy movies that others don't like.  Oh well.... go see it anyways!

We got back at around 12:30 from the movie and had cake and ice cream.  Ariel made the yummiest cake!

Getting too old.... my cake is now a bonfire! S'mores anyone???
Some people in the family don't like nuts in their cake.  I am definitely not one of them!  But my mom made chocolate sprinkle cupcakes for the ones who don't.
Justin and I got home at around 1:30 in the morning. (My family and I are party animals!!!) and I had more presents waiting for me there!  I love my husband!

 So many gifts!!!!

It was such a happy happy birthday!  I loved spending so much time with my family.


This past semester Justin got his Associates Degree!!!! So proud of this boy!  It just came in the mail yesterday and we were both so excited!  Congrats Justin!

 This is the last blog for about 2 weeks.  We are going to sunny PA!!  So excited to go visit Jason and Rachel and their cute boys!  I will take lots of pictures and report back.

Have a fun rest of the week!

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Michelle said...

i'm still drooling over that hamburger. umm you should make me one ;)

and HOLY PRESENTS! Those running shoes are adorable.