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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Some exciting news!

Before I get to that though...

Here's what we have been up to!

Last weekend Justin played with his new band for the first time.  It was a great show!  They always play great tunes and I love watching him perform!  I know.... the picture is dark but it was all I could get!

That same night my cousin Chantel and I had a much needed girls night out.... Oh my goodness we ate so much food.  It felt like a rock in my stomach for the entire weekend!  So worth it.  She is darling!

We have been hanging out a lot lately with Tommy and Ashley.  I'm pretty sure we are all going to be best friends forever. hahaha :)  But seriously!  We had such a great time!  We went and had Red Lobster's all you can eat shrimp meal and did a session at the Salt Lake Temple.  It was Justin and my first live session and we absolutely loved it!  What an amazing experience in such a remarkable place.

Coming into the good news!  Tommy, Ashley, Justin, and I just booked a week trip in December to.... (drum roll please) CANCUN!!!!  Oh my goodness I can barely contain the excitement!  There are no words.....  We all cannot wait and are so excited to be warm right in the middle of December.  We get back just before Christmas!  Perfect timing. ;)

Have any of you been to Cancun before?  What was it like?  Tell me about all the favorite things you did so that we will be ready to go!

p.s.  All of you here in Utah.... can you believe this snow!  Starting so early!  So pretty :)  I know Justin is excited! Snowboarding season....


Thomas Kline said...

Pretty sure we will be best friends forever ha ha! We're so excited for the trip! It's gonna be great!

Jenna said...

OK, I am officially jealous. I love Cancun. SOOO many fun things to do there. I went about 4 years ago. It is such a beautiful place. A few of my favorites (although a little out of town) was Chichen Itza(Build my mayans) and incredible. Another favorite was the Xcaret Eco theme park- which is quite far away but a lot of fun. It has a lot of different activities, like swimming in caves. There is a lot of different fun things and you can't go wrong with any of them. Also, make sure you spend a day in town. There is a beautiful catholic church and so glad I didn't miss it. I hope you have fun. I will probably miss I was there come December.