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Friday, February 15, 2013

I sure do LOVE Valentine's Day

But who wouldn't when you have the most incredible Valentine ever!!!!!  Luckiest girl :)  Last night was incredible.  I really wanted to stay home and cook dinner then just watch a movie in our living room.  It was absolutely PERFECT.  I made the most amazing Chicken Cordon Bleu ever for dinner.... it takes a long time to make but oh so worth it!  Then we watched Date Night for the first time and could not stop laughing!
Seriously.... I LOVE Valentine's Day.
 Started the day out getting these incredible surprise flowers from Justin at work.
Yes we do have leftovers!  Come and get some!
 ^^ Gifts from Justin.... I love that he picks out amazing outfits for me all the time!  And they always fit perfectly!  Seriously.... he is incredible. ^^
I hope you all had such a beautiful Valentine's Day.  It's never about whether or not you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse.  But really its just taking a day to appreciate your family, friends, and even yourself.
and thank goodness it's Friday.


Miss Betty Boop said...

well now... this is so romantic and I bet super delicious :D
I love Valentine's Day.


Allison Taylor said...

Shoot, I'm coming over in 5 for those leftovers :) But really, sounds like such a relaxing and romantic evening. You're right, he's pretty good at picking out gifts!

Miranda said...

You and your husband are so cute!

And that food looks SO good!

Jenna said...

Sounds like such a lovely valentines! You look so beautiful too