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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Superbowl Sunday

Yeah... I watched the game... I think I picked up on a few rules about how the game is played.  If people asked me about it I memorized some lines that my brother in-laws were shouting so that I sounded football-savy.  It's a pretty good tactic.  To be honest, I just went for the food and the family.
Did you watch the big game?  Who were you rooting for?  What was your favorite commercial???  I about gagged with the GoDaddy.com one.... and loved the jeep commercial.

p.s.  Having the WORST hair day today.  What do you do to fix this?????? In desperate need of some guidance!  Happy hump day everyone.

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Miss Betty Boop said...

Oh i know how it feels while everyone is shouting and cheering, and you just don't know what is all about :D basically I love those days just 'cause of the family beng all together and awesome food :D