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Monday, April 9, 2012

No excuses

I'm horrible! I haven't kept up on my blog in over a week! I'm such a terrible person..... I use this blog as somewhat of a journal and when I don't keep it up -- I forget things. So very very bad.

Here is an update then (Of what I can remember...)

Justin and I have finished all the star wars movies!!!! Isn't that fantastic?!?!?! I sure think so. It's my first time watching them and I absolutely love it! I kinda wish I had started with episodes 4, 5, & 6 instead of the first 3. It was hard to see super awesome graphics Yoda turn into a Jim Henson like character. But I got over it and LOVED the moves all the same!

(right now I have some strange urge to hold up the spock sign right now..... wha.....????)

We LOVED conference this weekend. I'm pretty I have never been awake as much as I was this time. So proud of myself :) Justin is really good at staying awake... kudos to him.

I made some delicious german pancakes!

We spent Sunday conference at my parents house. We have a tradition of making the kneaders french toast at home. This time my mom tried it with frosted flakes and pecans smothering them. It was mouth-watering! Then that night we went over to my Grandma's house and enjoyed dinner with lots of family. It's been a while since I've been there so it was really nice to catch up!

Also on conference weekend....


I like going to these just so I can hear everyone speak Portuguese. It's a beautiful language! Since we decided on going to Brazil (hopefully this year) I've been trying to study it and hopefully learn some of it by the time we go. I was able to understand some of the things Justin's mission president was saying... it's pretty exciting :)

Such a good looking bunch!

This week has been a busy one!!! I'm sad to report that we have had 3 fish casualties. THREE! It's made us so sad! When I first blogged about these new family fish we started out with 3. a guppy named Laila and two glow fish: Max and Toby. Then a week or so later we picked up another glow fish named Lucy (she was pink) and our sucker fish Bob, named after the sales guy at Petsmart that likes to talk.... A LOT. We lost both Lucy and Bob as well as Toby. So sad.... Lucy had a disease and it was just a chain reaction after that. Max and Laila are doing well though! We think it will be about a week or so until we bring in some more friends.... they do look lonely though.

I liked my hair on Tuesday. It was..... comfy.

It snowed on Friday! What! Of course it melted so fast what with our bipolar Utah weather and all. I did take some pics though to see the pretty flowers showing through the snowflakes. It was such a neat contrast!

Later that night we had a wedding reception to go to. Congrats again Nolan! Your wife is adorable! Justin and I were a little hyped up before the event and took some extremely unattractive photos. Our specialty :)

We turn out ok in the end :)

Saturday we got to babysit our cute little nieces from Eureka! Kaydence and little Kiwi were adorable. We didn't take any pics but I stole this one from Jodie's facebook so that you can just see how cute they are!!! Thanks Jodes!

I needed to decorate a little more I think for the holiday. This was the extent. Lame.

Lots of laughs, lots of family, lots of horribly thrown footballs, and lots of food coma. We had such a great time!

Hope you all had such a wonderful Easter weekend! Happy Monday!


Michelle said...

you guys are cute. we had german pancakes for conference too! :)

Craig and Trisha said...

So, um...I feel slightly awkward saying this but my husband is a biology nerd and loves fish and knows every freaking thing about them (he has a 'fish room' in our partially unfinished basement...Its a little embarrassing sometimes... ) If you have questions or anything about your cute little fishies, feel free to ask :)