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Thursday, April 12, 2012

We are doing it

Yep! That's right! We gonna start eating healthy and exercising. I know..... It sounds awful. But it will be good for both Justin and I! Yesterday, we sat down at the dinner table and planned out our little calender. We wrote down meals for the week, what days we go to the gym (including the time), Our goal for the end of each week, and the rewards we get for achieving that goal! They are really good rewards so I think this plan is gonna work out nicely! This week I wanted a 30 minute massage from Justin.... :) YAY!!! I WILL make that happen! Yesterday's dinner was eggs. We still have so many because we had every intention of dying them for Easter but.... we watched Star Wars instead. SO we need to burn through 5 dozen eggs!! hahaha. It will be done! This morning we had one piece of toast and for lunch its celery, carrots, olives, sugar snap peas, and string cheese. My tummy sure is rumbling but we've got to make a drastic change in our eating and exercise habits in order for it to become part of our everyday routine! We even took before and after pictures in our swimming suits. Sorry.... not posting those hahaha. Let me tell you though.... nothing gets me more motivated than seeing how I look in a swim suit.... it will work!

Anyways.... words of encouragement are often needed for those days when I just want to forget it all so feel free to help keep us going!

p.s. Let's bring back the sunny weather shall we?

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Michelle said...

Good Luck!!! Dan and I are doing the same thing and we eat eggs like it's nobody's business! :) and yes, we go to planet fitness. Haha I was dying over pizza night AND BAGEL BREAKFAST!