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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On our little walk

Wasn't yesterday such a wonderful day?  The weather was perfect!  A little bit of wind to cool down the heat for a wonderful evening.  Perfect for a little walk.....  

This was the first thing we came across. Look at that cute little pony!  And I love that horse in the back.  Such a beautiful color and great contrast with the blonde mane.  I wanted to touch them but they never responded to, "Come here little pony and ooo look at the pretty horsie!"  Drat the luck.

Okay... This picture is here as a WARNING .  Not all electric fences have signs that tell you it's electric!!!!  My silly self and I leaned into the fence to try and pet the horsie and touched the electric fence with my forehead.  Dumb.  My brain felt a little fuzzy for a bit.  A small headache came too!  I didn't know it was electric though!  So it's not my fault... It was the weirdest shock I have ever had.  It's not like those shocks that you get when you are still touching the metal part of a plug while plugging it in (don't judge me), it was like a pulse. Like a nuke went off in my head? So strange.  But cool story. :)

On our way back home Justin noticed this bee on the ground.  IT'S HUGE! Just look at that thing! and yes, it was dead.... I hope..... I have never seen a bee that big ever!

What an adventurous walk that was!  Never thought they could be that way.... I learned so much in a matter of twenty minutes.  NEVER touch a wire fence that is held up by yellow stick thingy's (proper term?).  Anyways,  Hope you all have such a wonderful Wednesday!

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