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Monday, May 21, 2012

Over the Weekend. . . . .

Ahh..... Love our date nights.  I know... you are wondering where I got all of these tickets???? I know you are jealous but it's ok!  I will tell you where to get them! Why the one and only Nickel City of course!  We won all these babies in about an hour and a half by getting 4 jackpots! Now what????  Oh we had such a good time :)
hahaha look how serious he is!
After Nickel City we came home, popped some popcorn and watched the last part of our Lord of the Rings series marathon... First time I had ever seen the movies!
Saturday morning Britt'e had her triathalon.  She did amazing! I don't know her time she got but she was fantastic.  This picture of her shoe untied is memorable because she ran the entire 5k with it like this.... such a trooper.
Mom doesn't like her picture taken so we had to sneek one in
The Porta-Potty's were interesting because of their name.  They were called "Honey Bucket's".  What kind of name is that?  Honey Bucket's???  Heck no....
Britt'e and her Bestie Jess did it together!
Action shots!
After Britt'e's Triathalon my cousin Sarah came down to visit!!!!  We had a pretty swell time!  While she was here we went and saw my sister's ballet.  They did Swan lake and they were beautiful!  And white.... so much white make-up!  They are both such great dancers and it's always fun to watch them.  Sarah had never seen them perform before so it was great to take her! after the ballet we just lounged around... we to bridal veil falls, got slurpies, ate at my favorite Mexican restaurant "La Costa" and visited my parents house.
Don't you just love her fabulous purple hair???
Sunday Justin and I came over to eat at my parents... it got a little late because I was making some Banana Nut Bread (which turned out amazing...) and it took about an hour and 30 minutes to bake.  We had some quality time in front of the camera though!
I've never balanced a spoon on my nose before... not the most sanitary but oh well!
So there is our weekend!  So chuck full of fun and laughs!  I hope you all had such a great weekend as well!  Happy Monday!

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