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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Justin!

YAY FOR JUSTIN'S 24th B-DAY!  He turned so old on April 20th..... what will I do now?  It was such a fun weekend!  Okay okay.... so maybe I got a little stressed because I wanted it to be perfect.  So sue me.  It wasn't perfect.  But it was definitely great!  Words can hardly express happy days but pictures come pretty close to the real thing.  Here you go!


Mustache cakes..... I KNOW RIGHT!  They are fabulous!  Small bit of advice though.  Never.... oh I mean NEVER use a complicated mold on the first cakes you make for your husband when you are already a little stressed about making so many for all his friends.  Just sayin....

The white one's were the only one's with homemade frosting... The mustache's were the death of me so I had to finish with store bought.. :( FAIL.  But it was still yummy!


Justin's favorite cake ever in the world is.... well... is.... Better than sex cake.  Or like my brother-in-law Jake says: -Not even close cake- Well... :)  But around family it's Skor cake.  hahahahaha


We had such a good time with the family over to enjoy leftover mustache's and skor cake.

My cute dad and Giselle.... don't shoot me sis!  You look adorable in every pic!

My lovely mom and Ariel, Kalinja, and Britt'e.  Isn't my family all so lovely!  Yes dad... you are lovely too.

Let's throw in some kiddos from the Woods side...

Simon was a doll and helped Justin open his presents! :)

It's too bad... I could go on and on about all the fun things that happened over that weekend!  But I'm afraid it would be just too long.  Pictures are better anyways!  So Happy Birthday Justin.  Love you!

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