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Monday, December 3, 2012

Spoiled Rotten

This weekend we:
  • Went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and had the most amazing NY Strip steak on the planet! (on the company card)
  • Saw the Utah Symphony (on the company card)
  • Had dessert at The Cheesecake Factory (on the company card)
  • Watched Breaking Dawn pt. 1
  • Decorated Christmas Trees
  • Slept in
  • Went to the gym to burn off the cheesecake
  • Hung out with the Kline's
  • Saw the movie Lincoln
  • Went to Rumbi
  • Had an amazing experience at church
  • Tried on the most ADORABLE pants from Express
  • Watched Brave
  • Made some delicious Banana Nut Bread
Oh how I wish it was still the weekend......  it was so nice.

I just barely got off pinterest this morning and now everyone who follows me has about 1000 pins on their feed of desserts.  For some reason my sweet tooth is on overdrive.  What's a good semi-healthy snack I could have!?!?!?  Gotta curb these cravings!

How was your weekend?  What did you do?

So loving this holiday season.  Now all we need is the snow....


AlyciaMealy said...

sounds like the perfect weekend!!

Miranda said...

It sounds like you and I have a lot of similar likes and dislikes! Because that weekend sounds perfect to me!

And where can I get one of these company cards?? ;)

Allison Taylor said...

Woah, so much good food during the weekend!! And how was the movie Lincoln?

jenniemarie said...

Well, it's not exactly healthy, but it's not terrible either...

Dip the end of a green grape (not the whole thing!) in melted dark chocolate (or milk or white, but those are a little worse for your than dark..), then into chopped peanuts or almonds, then let harden on wax paper and enjoy. You can even freeze them, if you want.

These are my favorite for when I want to just dive into a whole chocolate cake (which is often).

his little lady said...

Oh, how was the movie, Lincoln?! I really want to see it!
And dessert at Cheesecake Factory? Nothings better!
xo TJ