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Monday, March 5, 2012

All the LAUGHS

When I said I needed some giggles to make up last weeks bout of grumpiness..... Well. My weekend did not disappoint! It was entirely filled with laughter and good times! What a great way to finish a week! Must continue this way of life....

Some highlights

My parents both have an extremely well endowed funny bone. On the outside our family seems a little serious and well.... just normal. But come inside our house and you meet a whole different version of the Wright clan! Mom gets mad sometimes because we can never get any serious pictures taken. My dad is no exception! This is at my sister Britte's swim meet.


Here are a few pics of Britt'e from her meet. She really has done so well! So proud!

We spent dinner Sunday night at my parents house. Such a good time.

Making some dinner with mom. I can't even begin to tell you how good it was.... so chuck full afterwards we all felt a little sick

Playing... or I guess blinging blokus with my sisters Kalinja and Ariel and Justin. My sister Giselle was behind us cleaning the kitchen mess.... we didn't help. Oops. Sorry Zell!

Afterwards we had some deliciously rich crock-pot brownies (kudos to Ariel) and then we all plopped around the house happily full and sleepy. So Justin and I tried to stay awake by watching AFV clips on youtube. Enjoy them with us! Here, Here, & Here! We really could not stop laughing.


Justin's sister Jenn has a pretty amazing talent. She can throw an object and make it stand up (accidentally) against all odds..... Genius.

Say hi and wave!

To continue the laughing charade's...... I discovered a new app and put it on my phone for Justin and I to experiment with. I don't really think that I can explain any of these pictures because they are just ridiculous!! Something we will treasure FOREVER!!!


I like the new looks! Don't you?

ENJOY YOUR MONDAY! I can actually say that I will :)


Todd said...

Love the pictures. Especially the one of you and your dad.

Michelle said...

hahahhaah that glove thing made me laugh way hard. :)