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Thursday, March 1, 2012

So negative.... GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT!

This week has been somewhat rough for me. It's the "all the little things are making me grumpy" kind of week. I don't like these feelings! It all started with being sick. Still sick by the way.... so frustrating that it won't just go away. It's my own fault though. I haven't taken any medicine really. I don't like medicine. It's got a gross taste and why suffer more with gross tasting medicine!! Logical decision for me.

Things that have got me on edge:

  • My atrocious sounding cough. *bleck*

  • I saw a lady eating whoppers. WHOPPERS ARE DISGUSTING PEOPLE! Why would you ever do yourself such a disservice and feed your sugar craving with a big bag of whoppers. *bleck*

  • I put on my favorite lip gloss from V.S. while I was getting ready for work in the morning. I went outside and it was windy.*bleck*

Wind blowing in hair + sticky lip gloss = sticky wind blown hair.


  • I was looking online for some cute shirts and none of the ones I liked had my size. Of course they didn't. *bleck*

  • On my way to work and the gas light turns on. REALLY!?!?!?! NOW!?!?!?! double *bleck*

Anyways.... not to be negative or anything.

I've decided that I will post back later today with my search of things that make me giggle. So far these pictures here are starting to do the trick!

Statistics to follow.

Thank you ALL for letting me vent.

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