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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where to Begin?

It's been quite the crazy week I must say. But when it came time to blog about it all.... I'm ashamed by the fact that I was just to lazy to sit at the computer for a few minutes and do it.

Well, I'm fixing my mistake and that's all that matters!

To begin the charades-

Nationals. Boy am I way out of wack with this one! It's been a year. A YEAR! Since David and I have really competed. We would dance here and there but nothing super serious. I'm so proud to say that we started choreographing our routines 3 WEEKS in advance! THREE! It's amazing! We are the type of partnership that has been choreographing every routine the day before or the day of the competition. Plus the routines would change for each one so nothing was ever set! It did us some good though and we made a lot more cuts than I would've expected! Horray! Go D&L! WOOT! Let's highlight this blessed event.

what a ride

Should we start with the process? I'll admit I'm a little off my game. I haven't put on fake tan in a loooong time. Completely forgot how gross I would smell for a few days. Meh.

My streaks. I'd practice putting my tan on better but..... sounds like a bad idea.

I can completely change my ethnicity in a matter of minutes.
It's magic.
Here's a little comparison of before and after. Ballroom war paint!

Pretty fun to be back at dancing.

I had to go back to work after the events on Thursday. I meant to de-ballroomize but.... It's kinda hard to do without a shower. So I left it the way it was. Kinda funny for a receptionist! Luckily no one was feeling keen on saying hello during that time!

(at my desk)

You've just gotta love it. It's intense and you feel and look like you've been hit by a train for the next day or two.....


(the tanning lotion ALWAYS makes you look like you have leprosy for a few days after the comp. gross.)

......but it's totally worth it :)

Next season we are starting our 9th year as a partnership! WOOHOO!

What a day

I still had competition going on that night but earlier I spent the whole day with my mom. Ariel's B-day (THE BIG 21) was on Wednesday so we went shopping for her (and made a little stop at Mrs. Fields for ourselves as well.) We found OODLES of great gifts for Ariel for her big day! I really think she loved them all! Justin was busy snowboarding in the morning and then headed off with his company nevewear to a competition to support one of the riders they sponsor and to also get their name out there a little more. Well.... their rider won first place! How cool is that! You can check up on all of the details about it on facebook here and also "like" their page!

Isn't he just gorgeous! (he thinks that the word "gorgeous" only applies to women.... I completely disagree.)


The Woods family decided to bring on the luck and celebrate St. Patty's a week early! I meant to take more pictures of all the family but... we were just having such a good time! Meaning I was a party poop because I was still out of it from the comp. so I just fell asleep. I know. I'm lame. But I did make Jello. GREEN jello.

SEE. Jello.

Justin was OOBER excited to find this huge jar of pickles for the party.


We love our excursions in the mall. It's nice and relaxing and even though it's mostly just window shopping.... we occasionally find some sweet things!

Found a new store at University Mall called "Cotton On". Justin already loves it! I do too.... He bought me these adorable shoes :)

That's pretty much the end. Ariel had a wonderful 21st birthday party yesterday and we took a lot of pictures! I'll post a few little snippets of the party when I can!

As for today..... This morning I received the most wonderful surprise text in the world.



The socks were the first thing I noticed about Justin the day I met him.
I LOVE the socks.

Have a wonderful Thursday! It's such a beautiful day!

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