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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Have I become a Directioner?

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I have recently been educated on this current boy band sensation by my very enthusiastic-about-1D sisters.  We watched a bunch of youtube videos of their auditions, and their parody's on their own songs (never knew bands did that??), listened to their current albums, and looked up a bunch of pictures.  I guess I couldn't help myself.  Maybe it was my sisters excitement that drew me in or their apparent love for Harry Styles.   Either way....
I have a few songs memorized now but I haven't quite learned the dance moves that go with each one that my sisters have choreographed.  They are DEFINITELY directioners.  But am I next???? If I do I am not ashamed!  Went through all my confidence changes when I admitted to liking the twilight movies.... it is what it is.

Well those boys all are really quite dashing now aren't they. hahaha

Are YOU a directioner?  Or even a closet directioner?  Curious.....

Have a fabulous Thursday!


Meg {henninglove} said...

im a one direction is a what, a who? haven't heard about them

Allison Taylor said...

haha I'm not a directioneer, but I could see myself becoming one! For their age, they are pretty freaking cute!