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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Making ourselves sick

You all know what big Olive Garden fans we are.  We went again and it did not disappoint.  My boss had recently told me that I had been doing a good job at work (atta-girl...) and said that Justin and I should take ourselves out to dinner spending up to $100 with full reimbursement. 
No need to twist my arm....
So instead of dressing up and going to a fancy-shmancy restaurant we stayed comfy and ordered every type of thing we could on the menu.  Soda's, specialty drinks, appetizer, entree's, and desserts. Yes it is plural.  Meaning 2.  As in we both got our own.  Oh dear....
We were about done just after the appetizer. (Advice, don't order an appetizer that consists of all heavy cheese and expect to eat your meal.  Not gonna happen.) We had drank so much soda and Strawberry Daquiri (non-alcoholic people... Justin is just faking his past-outedness.  Never had a drop in my life but I'm guessing no one could get drunk off a sip of strawberry daquiri.  But I'm only guessing.)
We did take the dessert home..... and yes.  This pumpkin cheesecake with whip cream caramel and brown sugar was divine.  and there is still some waiting for me at home.  Trying to be patient.
Full to bursting people. 
It was so uncomfortable.
I'll tell you this though... even though we had to sit there and wait for so much food to digest before even being able to stand up, we were able to have some great conversation and much needed quality time together.  


his little lady said...

Oh gosh, isn't pumpkin cheesecake the best?!
xo TJ

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