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Monday, January 7, 2013

Cancun - Pt. III

Last post for our trip to Cancun!!!
There were so many other pictures and it was so hard to choose but I think what I have is great!
We continue on our boat trip to Isla Mujeres.  I missing pictures of other fun things like when we got to hold a Cat Shark and the annoying drunk ladies that almost fell off our boat.  Wishing I had gotten pics of them for sure!
It was such a beautiful island and we wanted to see as much of it as we could so we rented scooters!
The sticker on my shoulder with an "A" on it is my free bathroom pass. Super lucky to have that.
On this boat trip we also we snorkling, parasailing, and I ate the lettuce.  Which means of course that the rest of our trip I was so so super ill with the most awful case of food poisoning I have ever experienced.  like ever.
Funny story..... we get done with the boat trip that night and we are all starving and ready to get back to the hotel. We look through our wallets and find collectively between all 4 of us $2.  It's a dollar each to ride the bus.  Yeah... we didn't even have enough for that.  So we walked. 4.6 miles.
 ^^Sign on the edge of the sidewalk as we were heading home warning us of alligators.  Lovely.^^
^^Picture I took when we got back to the hotel.  See where that blue arrow is pointing??? That TINY TINY TINY hotel is where we got off the boat and started our walk home.  Ugh.
So that night I began my food poisoning adventures and didn't sleep a bit.  Just spent all my time in the bathroom. I know... TMI.  We did have an excursion planned to go see the ruins in Coba and I really wanted to go.  Against my better judgement I went and to be honest, I wish I hadn't.  It sure was beautiful though.
We relaxed the last few days and enjoyed good food and sunshine.
 ^^Really Justin?  You ordered a hot dog in Mexico?^^
 Went to their outdoor shopping mall on our last night there.  Didn't get to much shopping because I wasn't feeling well but we did sit out on the dock and enjoy the sunset together.
^^Ever see one of these?  I had on youtube but it was so cool to see in person!^^
We absolutely LOVED our trip to Cancun with the Kline's!  So many fun memories and amazing stories to share.  We would love to go again but we both agreed to maybe stay home during Christmas time.  We missed all the snow and Christmas spirit that came the week we were gone.  Maybe during the fall.....

How was your weekend?  Anyone starting school today with me?  I feel like a little kid because I am actually super excited.  I am not able to focus at work!  I doubt it will last but I will enjoy it while I can!


AlyciaMealy said...

looks so fun!! now i want a tropical vacation haha!

Care said...

Amazing!!! Thank-you for sharing your little adventure:) Good thing the sun is out at least in MI other wise I might be angry at you for those beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a fabulous time!

Miranda said...

Food poisoning is the worst! I feel for you girl. I got it the day after I graduated from high school. I still can't go near certain types of sushi rolls.

I bet you had a lot of fun. I'm still jealous you got to go! :)

Meg said...

Oh my heavens. What FUN trip I'm super jealous, never been to Mexico. So glad you had a fun (safe) time :)