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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

HNY 2013

Justin and I celebrated like we do every year.  Having an epic strobe light dance party at the Riding's place.  Justin also took me to dinner and that was a great surprise!  4 years in a row we've been going and we love it!  Afterwards, everyone goes and jumps of this huge rock into the river right at midnight...... yeah.... not interested. haha :)  Picture of me that Justin took while enjoying the music.

I've already made my list of new years reso's and well on my way to achieving them!  I used to be super skeptical about them just because it seemed so.... I don't know the word.  I've started writing them down every year for 3 years now and it's amazing how they are always in the back of my mind since I've done that.  Now I'm a believer. hahaha besides.... it's good to have times where your excited about your goals and having it boost up your enthusiasm to achieve them.

What are mine?
  • Get all A's in school. Yep that's right!  I'm going back to school after a year and a half break and I'm scared to death.  It will all be alright though..... Majoring in Business Management.
  • Continue on my "getting healthy and fit" journey.  Love that this one is already under way!  Lost 30 lbs so far.
  • Working on my finances.  Justin and I do ok money wise and are not in debt (pretty great with both of us being in school if you ask me) but I want to start creating a monthly or even quartly budget.  I think it's important for both of us to sit down and figure out everything on paper so we are both aware of what is going on financially.
  • Housework.  I am the worst of the worst when it comes to keeping our apartment clean.  It doesn't look like a hoarders house by all means but I have the hardest time just keeping everything tidy.... Deep cleaning??? Ugh.... I dread those days and put it off as long as I can.  I probably should work on folding the laundry too... I'm ok at starting it but it's too often when we are fishing out our clothes everyday from the dryer.  OOPS.
These are just a few of the main ones I have.  There are other personal and religious ones as well that I am eager to achieve.

What are some of your new year reso's?
I hope you all had a happy and safe New Years.
Here's to all the happenings in 2013!


his little lady said...

A strobe light dance party sounds pretty epic! Happy New Year! :)
xo TJ

Miranda said...

It sounds like you had a lot of fun! And those are really good resolutions. I should probably get my list together as well! I am terrible with housework! :/

Care said...

The first photo made me smile:) Cheers to your New Year goals!

Anita said...

lovely post and happy new year! x

Allison Taylor said...

Sounds like a really fun annual party! haha no thanks to jumping in water that late either. Your goals are really realistic!! Cheers to keeping our places cleaner and getting all A's. Good luck at school!

Jenna said...

I love to dance. Such a fun photo of you dancing :) Great resolutions. I still haven't written my down but have most figured out. I love doing resolutions. It totally helps me to stay focused on my goals! Happy new year Liesl. Great you made it back safely from Mexico.