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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wedding Photo's Pt. 1

It's about time I got these pictures!  My goodness..... we've only been married since August 2011.  haha  I was so happy to get these!  They are absolutely beautiful and captured my wedding to a tee.
This part has all my favorite pictures from the Salt Lake Temple where we were married.  Next I will post the ones from my gorgeous venue for the reception
All photos taken by Dan Hixson Photography
Flowers from Blossom Sweet


Whitney said...

I'm glad you finally got to see all your pictures! That was a favorite of mine - reliving the beautiful day! You are gorgeous and your pictures turned out amazing!


Ashley R said...

Beautiful photos! <3

Miranda said...

You look gorgeous!

Miss Betty Boop said...

beautiful photos... I can't wait to get ours... we've been married for almost 2 months now... so, we are still waiting for the official photos... :)


Jenna said...

You look so beautiful. Love the photos of you and your sisters!!

Eileen said...

Liesl, your wedding pictures are amazingly beautiful...and Justin doesn't look too bad either! It was fun to remember back to that wonderful day! We sure miss you guys! We are sending our warmest wishes your way from the Marshall Islands!

Eileen & Lamar

his little lady said...

Okay, you are absolutely gorgeous, girl! Such beautiful photographs, and I love your dress!!! ;)
xo TJ