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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

LADY GAGA Born this way ball in Las Vegas!

I know you are jealous that I was able to go to the BORN THIS WAY BALL!!!  Oh my goodness what an incredible show!  I still haven't been able to stop singing her songs... and the show was last Saturday!  My bestie Summer got tickets for Christmas from her dad and she invited me to go along with her! (I know.... super lucky)  We drove down Friday and stayed in St. George so we could drive to Vegas Saturday afternoon for the show!  I am still seriously on cloud 9.  I kinda felt a little bad though because I don't think I was very much fun.... it was my first time away from Justin since we have been married and I was such a debbie downer!  I will make it up to you Summer!
Can't you tell we are stoked and that Summer has super great blue pants?
This is seriously the most darling picture.
Yes.  It was as good as it looks.
 What's a show without a few selfies???
The stage setup was absolutely fabulous!
I had to take a picture of all the glowing hair bows.
I was seriously so star-struck.  I mean come on!!! It's Lady Gaga!  I was in awe of how she sounded exactly like she does on her albums.  She doesn't even sound raw when she sings.  Such a powerful voice.  Such a great show.
Ok I know these pictures are absolutely horrible quality and that Lady Gaga just looks like a glowing ball of light.  But hey..... that glowing ball of light ROCKED.
Thanks Sum for a great weekend!  I owe you big time!


Miss Betty Boop said...

it seems as if you had a lot of fun!!! And I bet it was :D
super cute photos :D


Amanda said...

Awesome!! I saw Gaga a few years ago and had floor seats. We were SO close and it was amazing. Definitely one of my favorite memories to date!

Allison Taylor said...

UHM SO jealous! Sounds like the concert of a lifetime... I'm glad you had so much fun :)

Miranda said...

I am the same way when I leave my husband. It never feels right going somewhere without him!

Looks like you had a lot of fun!