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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend + W.F.R. 2012

An eventful weekend it sure was.....

Lots of fun, games, family, and spiders.  I think almost all of us were bitten. .......I hate spiders........  We spent the first part of the family reunion weeding the in-laws yard and sleeping under the stars.  By stars I mean rain and lighting.  We all meandered inside not long after we all settled down in our sleeping bags.  The next morning we started off with a small race (I might've been panting the entire time.... so maybe I'm out of shape) and had some fun times at the park nearby.

Activities such as:

Those crazy hoodlums.  I love them so much!  I did the face-painting but I cannot take credit for the amazing artistry of Paige who did Kaydence's face (in the middle).  :)

We took a small break on Sunday to attend church and get rested up for the next part of the WFR 2012.  It was greatly needed.  We headed up that night to beautiful Heber to spend the night at the Liston cabin.


We started off with a yummy dinner and the kids "played" (knife throwing..... SCARY!) and the adults enjoyed some entertaining (and heated) card games.


These two were sure enjoying each others company.

It was getting late but THE FUN ONES decided that 1:00 am was way too early for the shenanigans to end. (What were we thinking! We weren't......)  We traveled on foot through rivers, weeds, shrubbery and private property to play on the ropes course at a nearby camp.  Completely worth it!  Oh and I will never regret going to see Justin do the rope swing and fall accidentally into the muddy water.  In his pajamas. Yay for THE FUN ONES!

The pictures aren't great but it WAS 2:00 in the morning....

Needless to say that I am WAY behind in my sleep and unfortunately not feeling so great.  I can't decide which is worse. Getting sick before your vacation or getting sick when it's back to reality.  I don't like either of them.

So much fun and so eventful!  Lamar, Eileen, Jason, Rachel, Brady and Bryce we sure missed you guys there!!!!  We were the only "Woods" without you!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!



his little lady said...

looks like the best labor day weekend! love all the fun activities!!
xo TJ

Cheltz said...

Yuck! Spider bites! Those mountains look familiar ...