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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weekend as Loganites

Oh the weekend was a good one.  Justin and I always love visiting Logan.... There is just something about it.  We went up there to visit Jessie & Gordo, Justin's sister and brother in law and had a great time with lots of fun activities. Could not get enough of the rock climbing and demolition derby's.... that is for sure!

I would put pictures up of me rock climbing but as strange as this may seem, I am not particularly fond of posting my behind on the internet.

Justin's however, I have absolutely no problem with :)

This boy is seriously good at everything he tries.  Talk about intimidating...... This dumb rock sure got the best of me and I failed to complete the climb.  Justin, of course shimmied on up there like it was a walk in the park. Jeez....

Demo derby's have always been fun for Justin and I.  Last one we went to in Logan Justin had strep throat.  I am pretty sure he enjoyed it much more this time!

The sky was beautiful that night too.

 This picture doesn't show the excitement of the derby like I thought it would when I took it.  Luckily this little cutie with her irresistible cheeks was kind enough to glance my way and make the picture worth keeping!  I can't get enough of that face....

Scott was our starburst trashcan.  No. We never told him.

We took the bike up there as well.  I wasn't as hard of a drive as St. George was.  But that one was 5 hours compared to Logan's 2 hour drive.  

Our hair always looks and feels super great after being on the motorcycle.  By that I mean it is absolutely the worst ever.  Need an example?

uh... yeah....  

I was dumb and didn't braid my hair before the trip.  Such tangles!!!!  But let me tell you a story about said tangles.

Once upon a time there was a girl.  She got home from a fabulous trip with her husband on the motorcycle and took a shower.  She put in lots of shampoo for the dirty hair and lots of conditioner for the tangles.  She got out of the shower and started to brush her hair when in dismay she realized the brush was unable to complete the task.  THE TANGLES WERE STILL THERE!  She put in more conditioner and let it sit for 15 minutes.  She rinsed and there was still no change.  She put in a conditioning hair treatment.... no change.  She put in conditioner, another hair treatment, and olive oil and tried to brush her hair with all that product still in..... no such luck.  This made the girl pathetically start to tear up next to the bathtub.  Her husband walks in and asks her what's wrong.  She tells him the sordid story and he feels so bad.  He pulls her to her feet and tells her to turn on the TV to watch a show while he brushes my hair out.  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. How lucky is this girl to have the sweetest husband in the world!?!  It took 2 WHOLE HOURS to get all the tangles out.  The product was still in her hair too!  He was so patient and delicate with the task it was all she could do to keep from tearing up.

Good story huh!  and no..... I will not share the hubby. :)

Ooooo my head is still so sensitive.  So grateful for him :)

Anyways, we headed back on Sunday and stopped at my parents house for dinner.  Always so delicious! Plus I made my favorite and oh so delicious Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  YUM.

My sister Kalinja is about ready to get her license but she had never been on state street or the freeway.  Justin and I took her out and she did absolutely fantastic!  I was seriously so amazed!  Utah will no longer be rated 4th highest in the country for bad driving with this one on the road!

So proud of her.

We must have been so tired when we got to my parents... we were a little out of hand with dish duty.

Our true colors have finally revealed themselves.....

Still recuperating from our eventful weekend but we still had such a great time!  What did you do for yours?

Happy hump day people.... we can make it through!



dana @ wonder forest said...

looks like lots of fun :)
xo dana

Andrea Carol said...

Your hubs = So sweet!